So What Can I Put on having a Tea Party?

We have experienced the tea business for quite a while now. We’ve got some unusual demands through our website but lately growing figures of people have been receiving in contact round the finer cause of tea etiquette, such as this fan from Paris, France:

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“Please advise me. What should a older lady put on with an mid-day British high tea?

We are very happy to condition that tea parties are responsible for a geniune comeback at the moment. Now only could it be thrilling, but they might be a great way to raise money for charitable organization, too. Well I’ll confess that Lily, who’s frequently the costume manager at Tea Mind Quarters, is away in australia at the moment investigating Eucalyptus tea causeing this to be a few things i needed to state responding:

With regards to dress code you will find rarely solid rules, or in the best if there’s it’ll usually tell them across the invitation. We dislike individuals who get too stuck about arcane dress codes so at Novel tea after we mind out for tea (this is a LOT incidentally) we develop ourselves presentable, and keep to the next general concepts:

1) Dress appropriately for that situation. There is no use putting on rearfoot footwear if you wish to walk across a location, or up a extended drive to get there. It’s cold out at the moment so although we usually affiliate light summer time time time frocks with tea beginning point and do not finish an eye on pneumonia consuming hospital tea.

Unilever reviews its tea business due to changing consumer habits

2) Move forward from everybody else. Why not phone around and acquire what your buddies are putting on? Using this method you’ll make sure to steer apparent in the dreaded under/over outfitted faux pas.

3) Be comfy, be genuine. If you are unhappy together with your outfit you will be not able to fit in finally, have some fun. Just personalize your wardrobe with individual touches that say something in regards to you.

Take tips inside the pros. Buy a couple of magazines like Tatler, Harpers, Cosmopolitan etc. and become inspired using the latest clothes

4) Finally, just relax. Mid-day teas relate to good company, not designer. If you do not laugh, or make another person laugh then chances are you get the job done wrong!

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