Why Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee Reaches Such Demand

Coffee connoisseurs around the world are extremely experienced in the very best quality and rewarding taste of certified Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee, what many might not know is the reason why this type of coffee reaches such demand and why it may be so pricey in comparison to other coffees around the globe market.

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The main reason Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee reaches such demand is simply because it’s unique characteristics derive from being only grown within the wealthy well drained soils within the Jamaican hillsides between 3,000 and 5,000 feet. The big event is controlled by Jamaica’s Coffee Industry Regulation Act so that the highest quality standards. The growing atmosphere in the region produces the best coffee berries on the planet, when with their 6 week maturing provides a consistent product which cannot be duplicated.

Harvesting & Processing

Carrying out a Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee is harvested using the local maqui berries maqui berries maqui berry farmers will it be bought using the government’s Coffee Industry Board where it undergoes numerous tests and processes to keep these products status of top quality quality. The coffee berries are put into large holding tanks and inspected to get rid of insect infested, over fermented, eco-friendly or any other poor cherries. When the first batch qualifies they’re then washed to eliminate the mucilage, the sugary layer across the outdoors within the bean.

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If the operation is completed the bean remaining is frequently referred to as wet parchment.

To dry the wet parchment they’re spread across slabs of concrete. Sometimes because of the insufficient sunlight in this area the drying process can require five days to accomplish, and through the heavy wet seasons of the year the Coffee Industry Board must utilize large mechanical dryers to accomplish the drying process to own proper volume of moisture within the beans.

Roasting & Conveying

  • The Jamaican Blue Mountain Pinto Beans there is a bluish-eco-friendly color on their own account before you are result in the roasting process. When the beans are roasted they’re exported to buyers around the world for just about any handful of in the finest coffee prices available on the market, and ironically very little within the coffee is ingested in Jamaica since almost it’s completely exported.