Facts About the Objectively Favorite Food- Fries!

When the crisp slices of potato, with perfect blend of salt and fat enters the mouth, joy knows no bounds. Fries have been a go-to food for so many of us! French fries are downright addictive; no matter how unhealthy they are, you can never stop at just one fry! 

Fries are eaten all over the world and are perfect food for almost any occasion.

There are many things you might not know about these perfectly cooked potatoes! 

Let’s discuss 3 lesser-known facts about Fries-

1] Origin of Fries

The French, Belgians, and Spanish all claim to have invented fries; no one really is aware of who truly did. The one’s who believe the fries originated in France claim so saying they were first sold in 1789 by street vendors in Paris, the Belgian origin believers claim they are referred to as French because Belgian food and culture was often appropriated by the French due to their proximity and lastly the Spanish say, they were the first to bring potatoes across the Atlantic from the New World. The real inventor of fries is however a mystery unresolved. 

2] Thomas Jefferson introduced Fries to America

Never thought our Presidents were foodies too; did you? Fries form a quintessential part of the American diet but not many of us know who bought them to America. It was none other than the President Thomas Jefferson! He discovered them while working abroad and then bought them into public awareness. So, if you are sitting in a Cafe stuffing yourself with fries you know who to thank!

3] Belgium is seeking UNESCO cultural heritage status for fries

The Belgians are truly amused by and in love with fries. This is reflected through their constant struggle to take credit for this world-famous food and their recent effort to get Fries a UNESCO cultural heritage status. 

The Belgians also have a museum dedicated to fries called the Frietmuseum which features two stories about invention of fries.

There are mentions of Fries in Dickens work, French fry used to be a verb, there are at least 15 types of fries, they are more nutritious than you think; are some additional facts about Fries! If you’re not craving a bunch of fries already; I don’t know what you are made of. Order your crispy strips of happiness from Restaurant poutine Frite Alors and you won’t regret! 

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Justin Benson