Weekends are Dull Without Pizza – Place Your Order Today! 

Can you imagine weekends without comfort food? Not really! We are speaking for ourselves. When we talk about comfort food, we think of freshly baked pizzas, cookies, lasagne, loaded nachos, and anything that makes us guilty! 

Everyone should have a cheat day on weekends! 

On second thought, weekends are so dull without pizzas. Weekdays are all about working and following a disciplined lifestyle. 

Weekends are supposed to be fun! You must do what your heart wishes to! Ordering a pizza is one of the things you should be doing. 

Here’s a quick post that highlights why you ought to be ordering pizza this weekend! 

Dive into yumminess right away! 

You Deserve a Cheesy Pizza after a Hectic Week 

You’ve worked really hard all week – it’s time to get a cheesy pizza home. All of us are running in a rat race – trying to compete with others. The goal is to get ahead of others and earn as much as we can! While working hard is a great deal, you need to take a break from your hectic schedule and diet plan. 

Weekends should be about comfort food and we can’t think of anything better than a cheesy pizza! 

You deserve it, totally! 

Cheesy Pizzas Always Bring a Smile to Your Face 

They say dogs play the role of therapists, but the real therapist is a cheesy pizza. 

When you take the first bite, you feel the cheesiness. There is a hint of saltiness and the gooey pizza just melts in the mouth. 

Add a little bit of oregano and chili flakes to amplify the overall taste. 

Cheesy pizzas bring a smile to your face! It takes a few dollars to bring happiness into your life. 

If your kid is having a bad day, order a pizza and see the little curve on their face. They will be elated! 

No Cooking Weekends, please! 

Weekends are supposed to be relaxing. Why do you want to cook a whole meal? Cooking meals can be taxing at times, especially when the whole family has decided to stay at home. 

You can order a combo meal with pizza, a fizzy drink, and some garlic bread. 

Two large pizzas for the family will be sufficient. However, it really depends on the family’s appetite. Make sure you order some sides to satiate the family’s cravings and hunger. 

If you’re hungry and want delicious pizzas for the weekend, trust Pizza restaurant Double Pizza. It’s the best in Montreal! 

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Misty Gibbs