Understand the differences between Teriyaki and Teppanyaki 

Teppanyaki, a technique of cooking that involves grilling on an iron plate, is a popular form of Japanese cuisine. The name reflects this, as ‘teppan’ refers to an iron griddle and ‘yaki’ to grill or boil. 

Many people, however, confuse Teppanyaki with Teriyaki, another type of Japanese cuisine. They may have a similar sound, but they are entirely distinct. What could these distinctions be? You should dine at Asami, the best Japanese restaurant in Brisbane and understand the difference all by yourself. First, however, for some basic information, read through this post. 

What does Teppanyaki mean?

Let’s start with a definition of Teppanyaki. Teppanyaki is a Japanese cooking style in which food is grilled on a flat iron plate called a teppan. Meats such as steak, chicken, and fish can be used as ingredients. 

You’ll also find savoury pancakes like monjayaki and okonomiyaki, dough-based dishes like yakisoba (noodles), chopped vegetables like onions, carrots, and bean seasonings like vinegar, soy sauce, and wine.

Cabbage, Yakisoba, and seafood or sliced meat fried in animal fat, vegetable oil, or both are common ingredients in Japanese-style Teppanyaki. Most Japanese restaurants serve Kobe beef, which is noted for its exceptional quality but high price.

Teppanyaki is distinguished because it is classified as a culinary performance. Typically, guests are seated around a long table with a teppan grill in the centre. Then, the chef puts on a show by tossing, flipping, drumming, and rattling their utensils together.

Following that, the chef does food tricks such as putting a shrimp tail in their shirt pocket, tossing an egg into the air and breaking it open with a spatula, and arranging onion rings into a fire-shooting volcano.

Teppanyaki is more than a culinary craft; it is also intimate performance art. Teppanyaki chefs are therefore exceptionally trained to offer high-quality food and take the teppanyaki dining experience to new heights.

What exactly is Teriyaki?

Another prominent type of Japanese cuisine is Teriyaki. Teriyaki is made up of two words: ‘teri,’ which means lustre, and ‘yaki,’ which implies grill or boil. Teriyaki is a cooking method, but the sauce is more usually associated. Teriyaki sauce is an amber-coloured glaze that gives grilled meats and vegetables a salty-sweet flavour. It’s a sticky, sweet, tangy sauce with a salty umami flavour. 

Soy sauce and mirin, a low-alcohol and sweeter version of sake, a traditional Japanese rice wine, form the backbone of this dish. Occasionally, teriyaki sauce will include garlic, ginger, citrus, and sesame. Teriyaki sauce is frequently used as a marinade for fish (especially grilled chicken), but it can also be used in the oven or broiler, on a skillet, in a slow cooker, or even in a wok for stir-fry.


Many people mix up Teppanyaki and Teriyaki, although they are entirely different. They’re similar in that they both use the word ‘yaki,’ which means ‘to grill or boil.’ On the other hand, Teppanyaki is a type of cuisine that involves grilling food on a giant metal plate known as a teppan. On the other hand, Teriyaki is a sauce that is used for cooking grilled or broiled dishes. For some LIVE experience, visit Asami today. 


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