Must-Try Delish Arabic Ingredients

Have you ever tried visiting an Arabic market San Francisco? If not, then, it might be high time to check one out soon. Aside from the whole new level of shopping experiences, you will also discover some delish Arabic ingredients you might want to try and add to your cooking.


Everyone loves blueberries and that’s not surprising at all. Blueberries are among the top kinds of fresh produce known to offer a long list of health benefits such as improved memory. Experts have proven blueberries are a key food in reducing Alzheimer’s disease and dementia and preventing cancer.

Studies have also proven that blueberries can decrease your waistline as well. These medicinal powers of blueberries are all thanks to the antioxidants found in these magical blueberries called anthocyanins. These can regulate blood sugar, boost brain power, and enhance your mood and skin.

You can sprinkle them on salads, oatmeal, or yogurt, add them to smoothies, or simply munch on them plain. No matter how you eat them, you can be sure that you will reap all their benefits.


Are you familiar with chlorella? If not, then, it’s time to get to know more about this wonderful food. Chlorella alkalizes your body, prevents and treats constipation, and boasts powerful anti-cancer compounds that help detoxify the cells of your body.

Chlorella is a type of sea vegetable that almost resembles spirulina but is still different in a lot of ways. This has a dark green color similar to spirulina with a broader range of nutrients like vitamins A, B2, B1, B6, B12, E, and C. Chlorella is also great to increase your energy similar to spirulina, and you can also use it liberally in your diet to enjoy its benefits to the fullest


Cinnamon deserves a special spot in your spice cabinet. It doesn’t only make delish smoothies, oatmeal, lattes, and pretty much anything else although this is more than enough reason.

Cinnamon is a great spice filled with antioxidants that can lower your blood sugar, enhance your memory, and boost your serotonin levels, and is associated with the prevention and treatment of type 2 diabetes.

Cinnamon has also been popular throughout history as a digestive aid that helps prevent gas, constipation, indigestion, and upset stomach. Sprinkle this everywhere you want to enjoy its goodness.


Flaxseeds are associated with all sorts of wonderful health benefits. The Omega 3 content is higher than any other plant sources, which makes them amazing alternatives to fish for vegans. However, everyone is recommended to eat flax to enjoy the perks of these magical seeds.

Flaxseeds are now widely available at almost all health food stores. These are excellent for ladies going through menopause or PMS since these can raise the body’s beneficial types of estrogen, helping to boost your mood, increase low energy levels, and fight depression. These are also a great remedy for digestive issues and constipation.

The next time you find yourself in an Arabic market in San Francisco, be sure to add these products to your cart and get a taste of their wonderful benefits!

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Misty Gibbs